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LX300 High Speed Large Package
Rimless Twisting Machine
The machine is used for series of chemical filament fiber twisting.High efficiency, High yarn quality, Reduced floor space
1.The machine is adopt servo motor and high strength belt, instead of mechanical cam, convenient maintenance, low power consumption and low noise. The guide rod is controlled by precise guide rail, it realized the precise electronic winding, stepless adjustable to ensure the good forming and unwinding of the bobbin.
255 MM . Max
S or Z
operation by touch screen
servo drive, program control
tension ball and tension ring are join use
11 KW*2
(5-34°) Adjust at will
(2300+2070*N)*970*2130 mm
converter speed-regulated
servo drive, real-time feed-back
13000 RPM
60-3000 T/M
Technical Specification
2.The electronical system is adopt synchronous motor transducers technology, servo control system adopted to winding. The quality of
yarn improved by real-time monitoring process speed.It can not only control the transmission precision,but also reduce the energy consumption,
that caused unwinding easily.
3.It is more convenient operation by touch screen.
4.Using 390mm straight bobbin, maximum take-up capacity is 3kg.
Type : double sides double layer.
Spindle Number :           224 spindle(7 section)/ 256 spindle(8 section)
Spindle Gauge  :
Spindle Speed :
Twist Range :
Twist  :
Process Adjustment :
Take-up Type :
Tension Control :
Main Motor Power :
Winding Type :
Winding Angle :
Machine Size :
Speed Adjustment :
Bobbin Size  :
Winding Bobbin Size  :
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