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LX528 Large Package Intelligent False
Twisting Machine
The machine is mainly used for the one-step continuous processing of fully drawn yarn(FDY),including two-for-one twisting,ironing (preshrinking) and false twisting,and turn FDY into elastic and soft yarn,It applied to circular knitting machine,water jet loom,seamless knitting machine and ribbon loom to produce various fabric.
Technical Specification
Spindle Number:
Spindle :
Twisting Direction :
             Winding:            20°~40°adjust at will
Suitable yarn range :          50D~400D FDY
Tension Control:              Multi-sectional tension ball and tension ring are join use
Machine Size:               27000mm×1000mm×1750mm
False twister speed :
False Twisting Range:
double sides single layer
Diameter of belt wheel φ34mm,spindle speed 8000min~12000min
S or Z twist
Maximum Package Capacity: φ230×195 KG
basic spindles 192,16 spindles/section×12=192spindles
The winding motor is separated from the spindles,twisting stepless adjusttable
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