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A series of "timely rain" for textile enterprises to resume oxygen and gas, in March China's PMI reb

Issuing time:2020-04-13 14:15

At present, China's new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control has achieved important results in stages, the resumption of work and production throughout the country is being carried out in an orderly manner. In view of the difficulties encountered by enterprises during the outbreak, from the central to the local, national ministries, local governments and trade associations and so on frequently. Masks and other materials of the government bottom procurement, for employees to return to work to provide a "green channel", reduce the cost of electricity, gas, phase-relief enterprise social insurance premiums, increase re-loans, re-discount lines, April 3, the Chinese The People's Bank decided to reduce the orientation of small and medium-sized banks by 1 percentage point ... A series of policies have landed, in the consolidation of good epidemic prevention and control work results at the same time, accelerate the promotion of the resumption of enterprise production, continue to enhance the oxygen for the resumption of enterprises.

China's manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) stood at 52 per cent in March, up 16.3 percentage points from the previous month, according to the latest data from the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, a service survey centre for the National Bureau of Statistics. China's manufacturing sector recovered faster, and the manufacturing purchasing managers' index rebounded significantly, becoming the main factor in the slight rebound in the global manufacturing purchasing managers' index (47.8 per cent) in March.

Industry Organization Mobilization

Bottom-coordinated security

In the face of the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, at the industry level, the China Textile Industry Federation and professional associations, as well as local textile and garment industry associations and other institutions to act quickly. For example:


31 January

Shandong Textile and Clothing Industry Association issued the "Initiative on Jointly Combating the Outbreak of Pneumonia with New Coronary Virus Infections."

5 February

Guangdong Garment Industry Association issued the "Guangdong Clothing Association anti-epidemic materials command center No. 1 announcement", aimed at mobilizing national resources, support masks and protective clothing production needs of raw materials and equipment, and provide technical guidance.

8 February

Henan Garment Industry Association issued "Under the Epidemic, Henan Garment Industry Under Influence and Recommendations", in view of the characteristics and current situation of the garment industry development in Henan Province, the impact of the epidemic on the industry has been briefly analyzed, and put forward an urgent problem to be solved.

12 February

The China Textile Industry Federation issued the "On the fight against the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, to ensure the smooth operation of the industry", the opening of the fight against the epidemic, the resumption of work online services.


On the basis of in-depth research and mapping, the China Textile Industry Federation actively organizes online investigations, regularly forms the weekly report on the resumption of work and resumption of production, and puts forward policy recommendations to the relevant departments.

The China Textile Industry Federation of masks, protective clothing, disinfection wipes and key raw materials, such as thousands of production enterprises combed, mapping, as of the end of February has more than 300 key enterprises one by one telephone contact. In this process, the China Textile Industry Federation compared the analysis of Europe and the United States and other protective clothing and domestic protective clothing standards of the main technical indicators, recommended the start of some high-quality export-type protective clothing production capacity, to assist the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other relevant departments to select high-quality enterprises to meet the standards of protection clothing production standards in Europe and the United States to carry out production, expand the supply of domestic protective clothing;

With the spread of the new corona pneumonia epidemic in the world, foreign protective clothing, masks and other anti-epidemic materials demand huge. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises in the industry and common economic interests, maintain market order and fair competition, on April 3, Shandong Province Textile and Clothing Industry Association issued an initiative, calling on foreign demand parties through the official normal channels to understand information, and decided to set up an emergency service center for the textile and garment protection industry in Shandong Province, for the province's textile and garment industry association member units to carry out service work.

Shandong Province Textile and Clothing Industry Association said that the initiative is aimed at resolutely combating unreasonable price pressure behavior, establish and improve the order information screening mechanism, the establishment of order information rapid response mechanism, coordination of the formulation of industry benchmark prices.

Office of the Implementation of the Policy of The Benefit of Enterprises

Wake up the vitality of the enterprise

At the beginning of the resumption of enterprise work, one of the biggest difficulties is that the epidemic prevention and control has no experience, it is difficult to resume work and epidemic prevention balance. Huashun Textile Co., Ltd., located in Liren Township, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, benefited from a local policy of preferential enterprises, which solved the company's immediate needs. Company officials said that Lirentownship specially set up a factory staff, to help the company to establish a scientific and orderly epidemic prevention and control system, production workshop and office area no less than twice a day full coverage disinfection, equipped with masks, disinfection fluid, temperature-measuring guns, while taking time-sharing feeding, to achieve epidemic prevention production two mistakes. The company is now up to 60% and 70% of its production capacity.

Among the many preferential enterprise policies in Jiangsu Province, there is one that makes Gu Jinhua, general manager of Nantong Glade Textiles, the most concerned, "the clause clearly states that enterprises included in the key protection list of the city's epidemic, before the government's scheduled resumption of work time, the financial sector according to the enterprise during the outbreak prevention and control sales revenue of 2% to give subsidies." This brings us the most direct benefit. Gu Jinhua introduced, in order to ensure the supply of epidemic prevention materials, enterprises on January 29 to resume work ahead of schedule, open full horsepower, to meet the allocation of government materials.

Zhejiang Tongxiang City actively implement the "one-enterprise-one-policy" station services, around the focus of the resumption of enterprise work, blocking points and other issues, to promote the resumption of enterprise work. Tongxiang launched the "industrial enterprise epidemic prevention and control 14 questions", by many enterprises as "the treasure of reproduction", and zhejiang Province, the Office of Information and Communications quickly to the province to promote. "With this '14 questions', many of our business's back-to-back questions can be found here, at a glance. To ensure the smooth resumption of production of enterprises. Wang Dongxiao, general manager of Bosen Textile Technology Co., Ltd., said.

On April 1, in response to the suspension or cancellation of overseas orders encountered by a number of textile fiber enterprises, the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce, the Fujian Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, the Fujian Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange and the Fujian Branch of the Export-Import Bank of China jointly organized a symposium on "war epidemic, expansion of the market" in the textile and chemical fiber industry.

At the symposium, the head of the Fujian branch of the Export-Import Bank said that in order to strengthen the financial support for the development of textile and chemical fiber enterprises, the Fujian branch of the Export-Import Bank, on the basis of the establishment of a special quota of 40 billion yuan to support stable foreign trade, added 20.2 billion yuan to expand the financial scale, around key industries of foreign trade, enterprises to strengthen financial services.

In promoting trade facilitation, the Fujian Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange has introduced measures related to the operational process to improve the efficiency of business handling and optimize import and export services. At the same time, the foreign exchange administration department to promote the integrity and compliance enterprise facilitation work, meet the conditions, belong to the bank recommended enterprises can enjoy the measure, the next step, through blockchain and other scientific and technological means, strengthen the collection of enterprise qualification information, enrich the audit basis of financial institutions, and help foreign trade enterprises to develop.

A number of textile chemical fiber enterprises said that the need to develop domestic demand, digest the expected production capacity, achieve operating income, promote long-term sustainable development.

Wu Huaxin, chairman of Fujian Yongrong Holding Group Co., Ltd., said: "As an upstream enterprise, we have to rely on downstream enterprises, domestic enterprises to increase market demand." At present, Yongrong Holding Group conducts market research to provide market analysis, forecasting, marketing strategy advice and other support for downstream domestic sales. "

Find order dredging capacity

Promoting efficiency

"In extraordinary times, when there is extraordinary action. "Also facing the difficult situation that some enterprises resume work after the original order was cancelled, the order volume fell, Jiangxi Province, Ganzhou City fully grasp the geographical advantage, considering that Hubei region is the same as the textile and garment industry province, enterprises in the short term can not fully resume production, there will be a large number of orders can not perform the situation, Zhangzhou City Textile and Garment Industry Office actively contact the China Textile Industry Federation to provide cooperation information, arrange clothing, enterprises directly linked to Hubei Province and Wuhan City, the industry association, In solving the backlog of orders in Hubei region at the same time, for enterprises to obtain the source of orders, effectively alleviate the pressure on enterprises.

After the outbreak, Luzhou City textile and garment enterprises actively expand production, winners of fashion, clothing, Clothing, Kangyi clothing and other enterprises have added protective mask production lines.

Winner Fashion (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd., the production workshop machine keeps running, employees wearing masks full of energy.

In order to ensure the rapid implementation of the new project, Zhangzhou Textile and Garment Industry Office actively coordinate situapproval, medical device supervision, product quality inspection and other departments, to help enterprises quickly handle business scope changes, production licenses and product inspection. On March 5, Kangyi clothing expansion can be transferred to the first batch of masks, that is, the realization of the same day sample inspection, the same day processing, the same day arrangement son, greatly saving the cost of enterprise inspection, improve the efficiency of the mask listing. By the end of March, the winners' fashion, clothing store clothing, Kangyi clothing produced a total of 8 million protective masks, effectively alleviated the shortage of local protective materials.


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