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What do you know about the false twiste?

Issuing time:2019-10-16 15:00

In the early 1980 undefineds, the production technology of chemical fiber filament high-speed texturing machine was introduced. After nearly

30 years, the production speed of the elastic wire machine increased from 600 m/ rain to 1000 m/ rain, the processing efficiency was greatly

improved, and the manufacturing technology was becoming more and more mature. All kinds of models have been widely used at home and

abroad, and are more and more popular in the market, and are exported to developing countries such as Asia and Africa. the number of the

false twister applied in the elastic yarn machine is various, and has passed through a plurality of development stages, and the rotor type false

twister developed from the early stage to the present universal application friction disc type false twister, a rubber ring type false twister, and

the like, The friction disc type false twister is a kind of friction type false twister which is widely and mature for more than 10 years. The

common structural form and characteristics of the friction type false twister Main structural form The friction type false twister is mainly

composed of several types of structure, such as rotor type, friction disc type, rubber ring type, and rolling ring friction type.

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