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National textile and clothing exports fell by 18% in the first quarter, and textile exports improved

Issuing time:2020-04-28 10:02

According to the General Administration of Customs statistics, in the first quarter of this year, the country's total exports of textiles and clothing amounted to US$45,264 million, down 17.7% YoY (down 15.9% YoY in RMB). Among them, textile exports totaled US$22.694 billion, down 14.6% YoY (down 12.7% YoY) and clothing exports were US$22.570 billion, down 20.6% YoY (down 18.9% YoY).

From the product category, the industry exports continue to show a differentiation trend. According to customs statistics, textiles, including yarn, fabrics, home textiles, industrial textiles, industrial and other manufactured goods, saw a 5.3 percentage point year-on-year decline in exports from the previous two months, while exports of downstream clothing products continued to decline by 0.6 percentage points from the previous two months.

In the month of March, China's textile and clothing exports amounted to US$15.43 billion, down 12.9% YoY (down 10.0% YoY in RMB). Among them, textile exports were US$8.922 billion, down 4.9% YoY (down 1.7% YoY in RMB), while clothing exports were US$6.508 billion in the month, down 22.0% YoY (down 19.3% YoY).

Looking forward to the second quarter, by the impact of the global spread of the new crown epidemic, China's textile industry "stabilizing foreign trade" and "stabilizing employment" is facing serious challenges. Sudden overseas orders were significantly cancelled or delayed, bringing a high degree of uncertainty to the operation of domestic textile enterprises that have resumed production, highlighting various practical problems such as market demand, inventory and cash flow. Governments, enterprises and industry organizations need to work together to take a variety of effective measures in a timely manner to win the "survival war" in the second quarter and enhance the resilience of the future development of the industry.

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